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Sunday, 25. October 2009

Da har jeg faktisk pappapermisjon/ferie resten av året! Gleder meg til å være med Thord hele dagen. Vi er åpen for kafébesøk, akvariebesøk og liknende alle dager:-D

Monday, 27. November 2006

Someone has announced a competition to hack a PS3 running Fedora Linux. I also wanted to join the good sport, and have set up a server at for people to practice on. It has a lot better bandwith than the PS3, and a load balancing system based on IP will give you a different OS depending on the IP you are hacking from. I too urge you to not hack any other systems than the ones specifically meant for this purpose. A price might be given, especially if anyone donate a price for me to give! Happy hacking. PS. Don’t delete anything, as files might not be backed up. Just put a file on the root/C: containing your name and address.

Edit: I actually claim that I can automate an upload of your file directly to your machine an instant after you upload it to!

GPL misunderstandings

Thursday, 31. August 2006

At least I learned a bit from this article.

upside down blury internet

Wednesday, 30. August 2006

This is just hilarious!


Tuesday, 4. July 2006

Me and Camilla originally wanted to visit my childhood friend Stina in Monaco this summer, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. So just a week before departure we bought a ticket with from Manchester to Burgas and Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. This ten day stay is supposed to be our beach holiday. But of course it seems to be rain, thunderstorms and floods(!) in this part of Bulgaria by the time we come down there.. Hopefully it will turn out fine. has rain at least for the first part in its 10-day forecast, but some Bulgarian weather forecasters are more optimistic.*crossing my fingers*


Sunday, 2. April 2006

This is just terrible! Will the ignorance of MS never stop? CSS is the standard way of designing a webpage layout, but Bill still havent covered more than 65% during 8 years since it’s release.. way behind Opera and Firefox(en), the more mature browsers.

world wide web

Friday, 23. December 2005

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web has finally started his own personal blog.