Someone has announced a competition to hack a PS3 running Fedora Linux. I also wanted to join the good sport, and have set up a server at hackme.flisespikker.no for people to practice on. It has a lot better bandwith than the PS3, and a load balancing system based on IP will give you a different OS depending on the IP you are hacking from. I too urge you to not hack any other systems than the ones specifically meant for this purpose. A price might be given, especially if anyone donate a price for me to give! Happy hacking. PS. Don’t delete anything, as files might not be backed up. Just put a file on the root/C: containing your name and address.

Edit: I actually claim that I can automate an upload of your file directly to your machine an instant after you upload it to hackme.flisespikker.no!

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  1. Haakon Nilsen Says:

    Hadde en vag mistanke om hva den kom til å resolve til, gitt 😉